Emma’s story

Emma Buzec was diagnosed with Endometrial cancer in December and after discovering HRCC became passionate about giving something back to the charity. The result? Emma’s Tea and Cake Afternoon!

Emma said: “My whole life has been turned upside down since my diagnosis with many, many hospital appointments and even major surgery in January this year. As many will know you are given lots of different leaflets on different groups/ support/charities all of which is so overwhelming however in all these leaflets I was given a Helen Rollason one.

Everything about this wonderful charity was different I didn’t feel like a cancer patient nor somebody that was ill, and the more I went and got to know about this charity the more passionate I became. So I decided to hold a Tea For Helen event (with my own bits added on; everyone had to make a cake to bring).

It was such a great success on the day and I couldn’t be more proud of my family and friends who helped. I have many times when I feel sad and heartbroken over all that has happened but every week when I see Wendy at the Helen Rollason Support Centre in Sawbridgeworth I feel better, and for that I will be forever grateful.”