Travel insurance patient offer

A new initiative has been launched to help people with cancer find travel insurance.
Insurancewith has been created specifically to help people with medical conditions obtain travel insurance. They work with underwriters to ensure that they look at the actual risk, and not the perceived risk associated with the medical conditions.
They will consider covering all cancers, and give you a travel insurance policy that not only covers your cancer, but also provides all the usual travel insurance benefits such as lost baggage, cancellation, travel delay etc. They will consider cover for those undergoing treatment as well as those with secondary cancers.
The Insurancewith policy has a doctor managed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year emergency helpline so that if you do encounter any problems whilst away, they will be able to offer advice and also liaise with both your medical team at home, and the treating doctors in the country where you are holidaying.
It is always essential that you consult your GP, or specialist prior to booking your trip, to ensure that you are fit to travel. It is also advisable to research the available medical facilities near to where you are planning to stay.
HRCC will receive 25 per cent commission made from any sales. For more information visit 27219