Cancer & Bling – Lisa Brenner’s inspirational biography

Lisa Brenner BookWe are touched to be one of the charities benefiting from ‘Cancer and Bling’, the inspirational biography of Lisa Brenner.

Lisa Brenner was a successful business woman and was eventually blessed enough to become a dedicated and wonderful mother. She was a remarkable person who managed to juggle a successful career and her loving family.

In her prime she discovered that she’d contracted cancer. She showed strong character and wonderful bravery as she fought this debilitating disease eleven times over a period of twenty one and a half years. Her bravery and glamorous approach to her illness serves as an inspirational tale to all of us who face obstacles in life.

Even though she faced pain her first thoughts were always of her husband Russell and son Marc.

The world is poorer for Lisa passing but her story is a guiding beacon of hope.

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