Author Brenda Burling Donates 10% of Book Sales to HRCC


“Humour can be a weapon against disease, shared humour is twice as strong.”  This is the motto of Brenda Burling, author of Might Make You Smile. Cancer is something that will, one way or another, affect all of us during our lifetime and Might Make You Smile shows that even ‘The Big C’ comes with a sense of humor.


Released earlier this year, Might Make You Smile is not your typical book about Cancer. In this book of short stories – all of which are based on true accounts from people living with the disease – nothing is off limits and no subject is taboo. The stories in this book are funny, heartwarming and inspirational but, most of all, they’re real. From losing your wig, to getting funny looks on your commute because your eyebrows are green and even getting your nipple shot off with a foam dart; Might Make You Smile really does cover everything. And yes, we winced when we first heard that one too!


“The idea for Might Make You Smile came to me whilst listening to friends telling me of their experiences during cancer treatments,” Brenda says. “When a very close friend was diagnosed at the end of 2015 I knew I had to write the book. I had no idea how the concept would work other than a gut instinct and the desire to make anyone affected by cancer feel connected through sharing the experiences of others.”


All of the stories within Might Make You Smile are based on true stories that Brenda has been sent by people all over the country. She explains: “I take the essence of what I’m told and create a short story around that, the reality of each story is its power.”

10% of proceeds from sales of Might Make You Smile will be donated to the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity and Brenda is excited to be helping a cause close to so many with this book. “The Helen Rollason Cancer Charity has helped so many people I have spoken to and Brafternoon was closely linked to the charity too”.


Brenda wants this book to be an aid to those fighting or recovering from the disease.  Not only because of the real accounts from real people, but also because of the humour, saying: “Humour can be a weapon against disease, shared humour is twice as strong.”


Might make You Smile is available from all good book stores, priced at £7.99.

Might Make You Smile Book



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