“We have been met and treated with dignity, compassion and respect throughout, along with a good dose of humour, as and when appropriate, to keep us smiling”.

Trustee John Triston shares how the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity have been there for him and his family.
We have known of HRCC for many years but never thought we might need to use their services. My wife Ann was treated for lymphoma back in 2018. Unfortunately, and often unseen, even after a successful treatment, the psychological scars take time to heal. After moving house in late 2019 and a chance encounter whilst donating unwanted items, we were made aware of the Mid Essex Support Centre at Hatfield Peverel.
This has been a fantastic discovery for Ann who has benefited from the in-house counselling, mindfulness sessions and online yoga classes during lockdown. I too have benefited from the support shown by all of the staff and volunteers, who are there to support everybody, not just the cancer patients.
Since visiting the support Centre for the very first time, we have been met and treated with dignity, compassion and respect throughout, along with a good dose of humour, as and when appropriate, to keep us smiling. 
As well as donating various items to the charity to be sold on eBay, I have also helped out at the support Centres and volunteered my photography skills at various fundraising events and different projects. The volunteers and staff are an example to all and I don’t think the individuals could give anymore; I am proud to be joining the HRCC family as a Trustee.
During these uncertain, unchartered and extremely tough times for the whole nation, I hope that people can find any spare change, however small, they may have to keep this magnificent charity going and allow it to support people in what must be tougher and more worrying times than usual for cancer patients and their families.
If this article has raised questions about our services and its benefits, click here to contact one of our Support Centres to see how our services could support you. 
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