Christmas Tree Recycling


Tis the season to spread joy, and we’re thrilled to kick off the holiday spirit with the launch of the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity Christmas Tree Recycling Campaign! 🌲

Join the Festivities: Let’s make this holiday season greener and more meaningful together. By registering your Christmas tree, you’re not just clearing space at home – you’re supporting vital funds for your those living with cancer in your local community.Are you having a real christmas tree this year? We welcome a donation and in exchange we will collect your Christmas tree, take it away and recycle it for you. No hassle, no waste and no needles in your car.

Collecting in: CM0, CM1, CM2, CM3, CM4, CM7, CM77, CM8, CM9, CM11, CM12, CM13, CM14, CM15, CO1, CO2 7, CO2 8, CO2 9, CO3, CO4 0, CO4 3, CO4 6, CO5 0, CO5 9, CO6 1, CO7 0, CO7 7, CO7 8 and CO7 9

What you need to know about this year's Collection

Our team of amazing volunteers will be collecting in your area on: Friday 5th January, Saturday 6th January, Sunday 7th January, Monday 8th January and Tuesday 9th January 2024If you would like to get involved with the collection, volunteer your time or help in any way to help please get in contact with us.


Your contribution, big or small, ensures the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity can continue supporting those facing cancer in your community

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