Our marathon heroes

In April, 10 HRCC runners pounded the streets to raise money for us in the VirginMoney London Marathon. Our intrepid runners came up with ingenious ways to raise their sponsorship money including a quiz, comedy, candle party and race night.

Members of HRCC were on hand at the finish line to thank those that took part. Well done to our runners Claire Glennon, Faye Beechner, Penny Harris, Kerry Morgan, Darren Wooderson, Ian Rudgeley, Kris Richards, Mark Ventham, Robert Forster, Sebastiaan Rate, Caroline Ekstrom and Kristin Ekerold who collectively raised £25, 268.

Below two of our runners talk about their experience.

What was the experience like on the day?
Darren: “The atmosphere from the start point to the finish is incredible. London is buzzing throughout the whole event. Everything is well organised, there is a real fee good atmosphere at the start and that sets the tone for the whole race.”
Kerry: “I loved it! It was tough but so exhilarating. How often do you get your legs massaged on the street? Or even have a vicar throw holy water over you?”

How did this compare with how you imagined it would be?
Darren: It is strange, having grown up watching the marathon every year, when you are finally there part of it yourself, it is so surreal. Key points and landmarks look so different from a runners perspective. Complete strangers calling out your name and giving you encouragement the whole way round gives you such an incredible boost. I was close to tears at points, if I could have bottled that moment to keep it forever I would have.
Kerry: So surreal, but it was like another training run with lots of bells and whistles. Getting the chunky medal at the end was well worth it.

How did you go about raising your fundraising target?
Darren: Firstly I teamed up with a friend who was also running the marathon. We figured that our fundraising events would attract a lot of the same people, so rather than ‘compete’ we joined forces and split the proceeds equally. We just had separate just giving pages for anyone that wanted to contribute to us individually. My advice would be to have a plan, sit down and work out how you are going to raise the money, that way it takes out the stress and you can concentrate on your training.
Kerry: I used social media. Family and friends helped lots and enjoyed doing it, especially my mum!

What advice would you give someone thinking of taking part next year?
Kerry and Darren: Do it and don’t for a second think you can’t. You won’t regret it.

If Darren and Kerry’s experiences have inspired you to want to take part in the VirginMoney London Marathon in 2016 then HRCC has a few golden bond places let. Get in touch with the Fundraising Team on 01245 380719, or email fundraising@helenrollason.org.uk

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