Mental Health Awareness Week – Worry Worms

Roughly a year ago Sharon’s granddaughter was facing anxieties. Being the supportive Grandparent, Sharon wanted to do whatever she could to help.  Therefore, Sharon knitted her a little worry worm, which was presented in a little bag with a little poem and a smiley face, which she then sent to her through the post. This special delivery was a complete surprise and a very much loved one. From then on Sharon’s granddaughter took her new friend with her everywhere; it gave her great comfort and support, making a huge difference to her wellbeing.  

This is just the beginning of the story, after seeing the difference her new little friend made, Sharon thought to herself, ‘why not make these for other children and even adults?’. To this day Sharon has made over 1000 worry worms specifically for Mental Health Awareness Week but over 1850 overall; in turn she is raising money for the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity. In Sharon’s own words, “I have seen first-hand what cancer does to people, and the devastation it causes within my own family. Helen Rollason is extremely important to me.” 

Sharon makes all her worry worms from home, and it brings her great pleasure and comfort. Sadly, she finds herself spending lots of time within her own home, unable to get out and about as much as she would like to due to a chronic illness. Knowing she can help others regardless of her own physical restraints gives her a positive uplifting feeling.  

Sharon sent one of her worry worms to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth when she was struct with covid in February 2022, to which she did receive a reply.  

The Queen thanks you for your message and the delightful little handmade gift you so kindly sent on for Her Majesty. The Queen was encouraged to hear of your charitable support and is most grateful for your thoughtfulness in writing at this time.” 

If you would like to purchase a worry worm for your loved one and in turn support Helen Rollason Cancer Charity please visit one of our charity shops, all addresses are listed on our website:  

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Make a difference

We are calling on everyone in our community to play a vital role in helping us to fundraise which will allow us to continue enabling quality of life while living with cancer.